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HMS Seal

A three part part series on the history and fate of HMS Seal in 1940 that became the only British submarine to be captured by the Germans, and following the story of those onboard including Charles T Biddlecombe from Shanklin.

IOW Olympians

The story of those who were born or lived on the Isle of Wight and took part in the Olympics, including Jess martin, Shirley Robinson and Sir Ben Ainslie.

St. Helens a history

The history of St Helens, from the early days of the wooden church till today.

The Wight Queen

The unique story of Isabelle de Fortibus, who in the thirteenth century became the Wight Queen.

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The home of Isle of Wight documentaries
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Welcome to Isle of Wight Films

We are a film production outfit based in Shanklin who make documentaries about the Isle of Wight and beyond. We film between 1080p and 4K, our films are available in some Island libraries, also on DVD and Blu-Ray to buy and some will appear on you tube for a short while. If you have a good story that you think that could make a good film, that has an Isle of Wight theme or if you are an organisation who would like to be more involved with a production please get in touch. It can be anything thing from a full series or a ten-minute film. Generally, we try to keep costs down as much as we can, mainly working in obtaining grants where we can.

Birth of Radio

We are very pleased and honoured to have added the Birth of Radio to ouir webpages, as the BBC enters its secont 100 years you can learn about the birth of british radio. Just click the link above.

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